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Snake Game November 10, 2014

Snake is considered to be a classic video game and was originally released during the seventies. It saw something of a revival in the late nineties when it was a standard game loaded onto most Nokia phones.

In the Snake game the player guides a long creature resembling a snake or worm around the screen to collect food or other items. Each time the player collects food or other object the tail of the creature grows a little longer. The player is unable to stop the snake from moving and can only turn the snake. The aim of the game is to avoid hitting your own tail (or the walls).

There are lots of versions of Snake and many come with improved graphics and sound but all incorporate the concepts from the original snake game.

This site is dedicated to providing you with the best Snake games from around the web. Most are based around the classic Snake game but we have also included some extra Snake themed games not based on the original. We hope you enjoy playing all the Snake games. Please tell your friends about the site and bookmark us!

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